Members have access to MFI services and programs for free or at a reduced cost. Click below for more details on our programs.

Apparel Industry Information and Resources - Information and/or referral on the latest industry issues and ideas. Library for human resource and other industry topics. Textile and Design trends information.

Career Development in the Apparel Industry - Participation in career symposiums and events. Development of industry career awareness materials. Marketing of industry career information. Organization of tours and visits for educational institutions through member factories. Partnerships with secondary and post secondary educational institutions for industry career training initiatives.

Fashion "Business Incubator" - An innovative program designed to assist in the development of emerging apparel firms by providing shared space, equipment, technology and resources as well as links to key people in successful existing apparel businesses.

Industry Training Initiatives - The Manitoba Fashion Institute encourages individual companies to undertake training initiatives that assist companies (and the industry as a whole) to become more competitive through increasing employee knowledge and skills. Members can apply to the MFI to cost share training programs that meet this criteria The Manitoba Fashion Institute also works with a variety of consultants and trainers to address and develop solutions for a range of industry wide employee training interests and concerns. Programs, studies and reviews are conducted on a regular basis.

Manitoba Fashion Institute Website - Information on the MFI and the apparel industry in Manitoba Schedules of training programs, workshops, seminars and other programs and events. Links to national and international apparel related sites. Listings of and links to MFI member manufacturers and suppliers MFI members access to training program graduates listings, industry job postings and applicants, human resource information, and equipment and supply exchanges.

Networking - Manitoba Fashion Institute provides its members with unparalleled opportunities to network with others in the industry, suppliers, The government, and the general business community locally and nationally.

Production Floor Training - Entry Level Sewing Machine Operation, English As A Second Language, Basic Sewing Machine Repair, Sewing Machine Operator Trainers, Production Floor Supervisors, Quality Assurance Technicians, Sewing Machine Operator Upgrading.

Workshops and Seminars - A variety of industry specific events are presented throughout the year to provide timely and relevant information for established and emerging apparel businesses.