About the Manitoba Apparel Industry

The apparel industry in Manitoba is the third largest in Canada. It employs approximately 5,000 people in more than 90 active companies and exports more than 1 billion dollars of products around the world. Apparel manufacturing in Manitoba dates back to the 1880s. It continues to be a major apparel manufacturing center and home to several of the countries leading manufacturers as well as many highly successful smaller firms.






Some of the major brand names that are manufactured in the province include: fleece products for Mountain Equipment Co-op and L.L. Bean, Mobuis, Sun Ice, and Osh Kosh B’Gosh ski wear; Kelsey Trail and Tough Duck outerwear/workwear, denim products such as Indian Motorcycle, The Gap, Denver Hayes, and Silver Jeans; women’s fashions including Ingenuity, Tan Jay, Alia and Bianca Nygard and Sterling/Klondike gloves. Many other “private label” items including gloves, outerwear, workwear, leather products, corporate wear, military uniforms, and licensed specialty products are produced in Manitoba.




The strengths of the Manitoba industry lie in a 100 plus year tradition of flexibility, and an ability to produce high quality, value added products for both mass and niche markets. Manitoba manufacturers have positioned themselves to compete in the increasingly global apparel market. Most of the larger manufacturers have blended low cost, long-lead, high volume global production with strong local production facilities providing high quality goods and quick turnaround capabilities. As well companies are continually developing niche products for new markets. The Manitoba Apparel industry are known as producers of world class high quality products with a proven record of being able to produce and deliver goods to meet changing retail and consumer needs.